Plouf at Belden Place in San Francisco

Also known as Belden Street, Belden Alley, Belden Lane – we San Francisco know it as the French Quarter of the Financial District. A great place to relax, have a great meal and enjoy the vibrance of the SF community. Especially on warm Friday nights, this place is bustling with energy, great food in a cozy setting. This is a pretty narrow short alley between Pine and Sutter streets but one will find excellent dining – French,

Catalan or Italian. Plouf is one of our favorites and last week, had a chance to have lunch with a buddy who was in town for business.

We had the brussel sprouts, shredded and cooked with thick slices of pancetta and sauteed in olive oil. Then of course the specialty of the house – MUSSELS – Prince Edward Island variety – one of the best! Tiny, soft and buttery, these mussels are cooked fast, very juicy and still has the taste of the sea.

We had the Plouf – cooked in sherry vinegar and sauteed with garlic, splashed with cheese in the end.

Coconut BrothThen another favorite – Coconut broth, one of my favorites and a dish that I love cooking for friends. These are cooked with green onions Lime juice, garlic, cilantro, chili and finished with coconut milk. Both were great and of course fantastic dipping fresh baguettes that are served immediately upon sitting and continue to be replenished.